Virtual Switchboard

Virtual Switchboard will allow you to connect all your offices through our virtual telephony with significant cost savings. Now through IP technology, you will get the telecommunications service that your company needs.

We Will Explain How It Works

Megacall provides a fully customised Virtual Switchboard software for all companies. No matter the size of your business, our services adapt to the needs of each client.

Fast Set-Up

Your services will be set up quickly and provided with online access

Your Office Anywhere

Manage your calls on your computer, mobile phone and landline from anywhere


With an internet connection, you will have instant access to your virtual switchboard

Free trial!

You can try our Virtual Switchboard for free. Boost your business with our virtual telephony and discover all its advantages.
It includes benefits such as national and international virtual numbering, answering machine, call transfer, voicemail and much more.

But wait… there´s more

No Commitment

You can be with us as long as you want, without ties of any kind. We work hard to keep clients happy

Technical Support

We will guide you step by step so you can start using all the advantages of the Virtual Switchboard as soon as possible


We care about understanding your business and provide you with the flexibility to make your business grow quickly and efficiently.

Our Packs

Choose a VoIP Pack that meets your needs

* Our Packs are subject to conditions of  fair usage policy.
* IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to French Call Traffic from 01/01/2021. Click for further info

All our packs include

Fast Set-Ups

You will have instant access as soon as we receive your payment

Keep your Phone Number

You can keep your number, or if you prefer to choose a new one


Call Recording

You can record all your calls, and store them in the cloud


Music on Hold

Customize and manage music on hold so your customers don’t get impatient


Call Conference

Hold conference calls with several users at the same time

Online access

Manage all of your services features in the cloud

Free Calls

To other users of the platform and to our support team

Displayed CLI

Choose the number you want to show in your calls


Call Transfer

Transfer both inbound and outbound calls to any switchboard user


Do Not Disturb

Choose when you want to answer your calls


Voice Encryption

Your calls will be safe and confidential with our voice encryption


Call Forwarding

Divert your calls wherever you want, even determining a forwarding time


Simultaneous Call

Make your mobile phone, home phone and office phone ring at the same time


Customize your voice messages and receive them instantly in your email


Filtered out

Manage and block calls from the destinations you choose

Any Questions?

Get Ready!

You can check for yourself how it works, get in touch and request a demo