Increase the efficiency of your agents and generate a higher volume of effective calls saving time and money.


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MegaDialer is a good option to offer services and products to your potential customers, in addition to unbeatable customer service.

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How it Works

With Megadialer you can choose the most appropriate dialling method for your campaign: preview or predictive.

Guided Setup

We will hold your hand through the setup process: We offer the possibility to screen record the process and send you a copy for your own reference

Easy to Use Interface

Modify campaigns to suit your business

Customizable Campaigns

Numerous modules that will make your management easier

Real-Time Analytics

Control all processes in the MegaDialer interface in real-time

Still More

No Price per Agent

We will not charge you anything for every agent you have in your office. Pay for the service, use it with as many agents as you want and forget about surprises and extra charges

No Installation

You will not have to worry about anything. We will configure the service so you can start using it as soon as possible and without headaches

No Commitment

We do not need to tie you into a contract we work very hard to offer you the best service. 

Adaptable to your Business model

With Megadialer you can choose between various templates, all of which can be adapted to your business


You can include personalised forms strictly for your business, allowing you to gather as much or as little data as you wish


Whether it is for Market Research or simply to gather information on your existing clients, surveys are the best way to find the areas of improvement or possible business areas of interest.


Integration with Google Calendars allows you to schedule appointments for your most important clients. Have the customer information added directly in to their calendar automatically, without the need for manual data entry.

Email Integration

Having an automated confirmation sent to each client once the call has been completed, adds that extra touch of professionalism to your business!


Choose a Tailored Rate

The higher amount you top up, the better prices you will have on your call costs

* IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to French Call Traffic from 01/01/2021. Click for further info

All our Rates Include


Instant Call Reports


On-Demand Recording

Call Supervisor

Call Layout after Completion

Your Own Caller ID

Call Monitor

Automatic Re-Calls

Automatic sending of Mails


Incoming Call Management

Real-time Activity Panels


Call Lists for Agents

Different Levels of Administration



Simple Import and Export of Data

Integrated SMS System

Integrated CRM - Manage your leads

Compatibility with external servers

APIs and webhooks


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